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Are you trying to sell your business? Are you selling a franchise territory or starting a new franchise? For less than the price of a weekend classified ad in your local paper, you can have your own optimized business or franchise for sale web page or a classified ad. We will host the page and direct targeted traffic to your business for sale. You take care of all buyer contact, non-disclosure and qualifying. We merely are here for you to test the waters so to speak! Through this medium you are no longer limited to your newsprint local circulation.

Your business will be hosted for three months with as much detail as you choose to disclose. Four photographs, financial information, equipment information and contact method. We recommend obtaining a private email account, post office box or cellular number should your business be highly confidential.

Fill out the form below and fax or mail it in with an authorized signature and photographs. The first three months are $50.00 US and $25.00 per three months thereafter. If you would like to display more than four photographs they are an additional $5.00 each per pay period. For a simple classified ad of 50-100 words, only $15 for three months.

The questions below are a guide only. You do not have to answer everything and can explain the business in your own way in your own words. After all, you are selling it! Click here for a sample!

Did you know that only 8 out of every 1000 websites make it into the first two pages of search results? Presently 30,000 new websites are submitted daily for indexing to the search engines. Consider then, that only 16% of all the web pages submitted for registration to the Internet search engines are actually registered or ever indexed and 5% of the business web sites that are indexed by the search engines are listed in the first 2 pages of results. We pay to have our 'businesses for sale' indexed every 48 hours and re-submitted to over 125 search engines around the world. How did you did you find us? That's the same way buyers find us...

How are they going to find you?

And if you think your business might be found under any of the the following search terms, we definitely should talk!

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Just a quick note to let you know that the above Bar & Grill in long beach
has been sold.
Thank you for your help in advertising for me. I did sell it to someone who
found it on your website.
I'll look forward to the next time.
Thanks again
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Realtors
Los Angeles, CA
July 29, 2001
Dear Mr. Bennett
We greatly appreciate you keeping our ad running on your site. We would like to further pay you for keeping our ad active. I believe it was $25 per month after the initial activation or something there about. Please advise as to what we owe you as of the end of July and for the next three months and we will promptly have a check going your way. Once again, many thanks for your effort and generosity in keeping our ad active. We have had several good contacts and inquiries about our ad. Your presentation of our business for sale is excellent and the number of inquires that we have had shows us, Britton Oil Properties, that you have a very good site.
Sincerely yours,
Don Britton-Robert Britton
Britton Oil Properties
(Actually, it is $25 per three months after the initial 3 months!) cb
October 27, 2001
Many thanks for your site. Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't contact us through your web site. Whatever and however your listings are found by the major search engines on the net, keep doing whatever you do as it works with excellent results.
Don Britton


Brokers, agents, lenders, closing agents, accountants and attorneys that wish to advertise and be listed in the appropriate directory are also welcome.



These suggestions are merely a guide. It is your business, you write it the way you want it to appear!

Business Style

Distribution - Food/Beverage - Hospitality - Manufacturing - Professional - Retail - Service - Wholesale - Other
Location - Country, State, City or area:
Financing details:
SBA funding or commercial lender in place:
Property/business description:
Lease term, details:
Business description:
Hours open:
Assets included in sale and fair market value:
Financial history: (as much or as little as you wish to include)
Typical expenses:
Typical income:
Percentage of credit card sales:
Will you agree to 'not compete' with the buyer, time and miles:
How long has the business been established: (same name, location)
How long have you owned the business:
Why are you selling:
How long will you remain after the sale for the transition:
Who would be the ideal buyer and why:
What should the buyer have as far as resources, experience, skills, licenses and operating capitol:
Method to contact you:

You can use the above for a guide or create your own thoughts or send to:
Charles Bennett - Advertising - 551 Montgomery Ave - Chambersburg, PA 17201-1712
Include a check, cash or money order, Pay Pay or credit card number and
expiration date. Don't forget your photographs!
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